Another blustery walk to post the postcards! We hope you enjoy reading them 😃



  1. rachelwalton says:

    Hi Rio,
    Cannot believe the weather for you today, it’s been so unkind, however it doesn’t seem to have stopped you all from smiling.
    We look forward to receiving our post card from you!! Enjoy your evening, I’ll try write just before bed xx love you pal xx love Mum xx


  2. Hi Nylah 🙂

    Hope you have enjoyed your day !!! Looking forward to receiving your postcard!! Love you lots mum xxx


  3. amandakyriacou says:

    Exciting!! We can’t wait to receive our postcard from you Loucas. I can see from your smile that you are having a great time. Bella has been searching the house for you today . We all miss you xxx


  4. Helen Robinson says:

    Can’t wait !


    1. katiegclarke says:

      Can’t wait to read your postcard Hayden. 😁 xx


  5. Simon Lopez says:

    Hi Rio
    Looks like your enjoying your trip so far from the pictures I’ve seen I’m looking forward to to reading your postcard once it arrives. Make lots of memories on your trip little legs love daddy xxx


  6. Mrs Forshaw says:

    It’s good to see that the weather hasn’t stopped you doing all the exciting things that are planned for you. We aren’t used to posting the postcards during daylight hours. Hopefully the weather will be a little kinder today. Have a great day whatever you might be doing. I wish I was there with you.
    Mrs Forshaw


  7. Vitalija says:

    Hi Milana, we just got your post card 🙂 Thank you for telling us what you’ve been doing and we miss you lots as well xx Can’t wait to see you xxx


  8. Vitalija says:

    Hi Milana x We just got your post card. Thank you for telling us what you’ve been doing. We miss you a lot and can’t wait to see you soon xx

    On Tue, 5 Oct 2021, 16:27 2021NorthumberlandWeek2, wrote:

    > mrsgrayson1 posted: ” Another blustery walk to post the postcards! We hope > you enjoy reading them [image: 😃] ” >


  9. harissmum says:

    Oh my sweetheart I’ve just received Ur postcard. Been eagerly waiting for it. Enjoyed reading all about Ur day can’t wait to see you xx


  10. Najah Abumenyar says:

    we have received you amazing card we all love it and it looks like your having a nice trip i love you smile in the picture im happy coz you a having a nice time xx


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