1. rachelwalton says:

    Hi Rio,
    The food looks yummy, I bet your all very hungry after a day at the beach!!
    And how great that the weather was dry…?

    I’m so pleased to hear you’ve made new friends from the other school too, that’s great news!!

    I love you lots mate!! Will comment again tomorrow, have a fab evening and a great nights sleep 😘 xx love Mum xx


  2. Enjoy your meal !!! And have a lovely evening 🤍 looking forward to seeing your adventures tomorrow !!!

    Missing you , lots of love from us all ❤️


  3. amandakyriacou says:

    Bet you are enjoying your tea tonight Loucas , I know you love chicken and potatoes 😋 Looks like you have had a fab day! Hope you have a great evening. Missing you loads! Love mum , dad , kacie and Bella xxx


  4. Vitalija says:

    Can’t see you at the dinner table Milana. Hope everything ok and you did enjoy your day at the beach making sand castles x love you and miss you x


    1. Mona says:

      Hi Adam, we received your postcard, thank you! I hope you all enjoy the last 2 days. Can’t wait to see you


  5. zainsmum says:

    Yummy! Zainy smileeee haha. Thank you for your postcard. I am okay and I can’t wait for you to come home. Love you xxx


  6. Rameeza Rawshan says:

    Hi Ridha,
    Hope you enjoyed your meal. Hope you are not tired after all those adventures at beach.
    Haaziq wanted to tell that he loved your postcard. He even tried reading it.
    Have a good night.
    Lots of Love from all of us here😘🤗


  7. harissmum says:

    Hi hariss
    Ooh Ur favourite dinner tonight with plenty of gravy 😋
    We BeeN following your journey each day. Love seeing the pictures of you. Enjoy rest of your evening
    Goodnight son xx


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