The perfect way to end a seaside holiday…fish and chips! 😃



  1. Sarah foster says:

    Hope you’ve had a brilliant time,can’t wait to see you Emily.


  2. Rameeza Rawshan says:

    Hi Ridha,
    Hope you have learnt and discovered lot of new things and had lots of fun today.
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Lots of love from us all here😘🤗


  3. Amanda says:

    Did you catch that fish today on your boat trip ? 😂 xxx


  4. rachelwalton says:

    Ok one last comment tonight Rio!!

    Your meal looks delicious, I hope you enjoyed it!!
    Can’t wait to here all about your time away tomorrow!!
    We’re counting down the minutes!!

    Love you lots, sleep well!!
    Love mum 😘


  5. Marques’ mum says:

    Hope you’ve had the best time Marques we’ve missed you like mad!

    Enjoy the last night 😊



  6. Enjoy your last night guys !!!!

    Can not wait to see you tomorrow Nylah missed you loads , can’t wait to hear all about your week ❤️

    Love from mum, aba , your sisters and George 🐈‍⬛ Xxxxx


  7. katiegclarke says:

    Ooh looks good! Enjoy your last night and day tomorrow. See you soon. 😊 xxx


  8. Ben, your fish and chips looks nice , can’t wait to hear all about your week, looks like you’ve had lots of fun xx love mum, dad, mason, chip,minni, Bob and nibble xx


  9. rayyan140910 says:

    Last night Rayyan…

    Lots to share with us tomorrow night x

    Have a safe journey home x

    Love mum ♥️


  10. Najah Abumenyar says:

    love you lots Marine
    sleep well


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